Best Massage oil to try on Date
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5 Kind Of Massage Oil That Should Try on Date

Many types of massage oils are available in the market but we sometimes get asked which massage oil is best? I have an answer. Here are my best top five options among the massage therapist.

5 Kind Of Massage Oil That Should Try on Date:

  1. Avocado Oil:

  2. Avocado fruit is pressed to achieve heavy, green oil, which is called avocado oil. Due to its heaviness, oil is generally mixed with light oils such as almond and jojoba oils.

    Avocado Oil has some advantages:

    • Due to the presence of vitamin A, B1 and B2, there are great regenerative and restructuring properties. With Pantheistic acid it acts as a great moisturizer and elasticizes the skin.
    • It’s strong reach and richness in vitamin A, D and potassium makes it an appropriate choice for the treatment of eczema and parched skin.
    • There are great medicines, antibacterial and anti wrinkle properties, which help in removing the age stain.
    • This stimulates collagen metabolism, which greatly improves cell regeneration.
    • Despite its heaviness, the presence of lecithin and phytosterols has given it the ability to absorb, making it ideal for massage.
  3. Lemongrass Oil:

  4. It is extracted from partially dry or fresh leaves with the process of distillation of steam. Also known as Indian Verbena, this oil is great for the treatment of jet crew and it is great for the rebirth body.

    Lemongrass oil’s some advantages:

    • It is useful for respiratory problems like flu, fever and laryngitis.
    • Cramps are very useful in the treatment of left tear in the muscles and muscles in the muscles, which makes it tender.
    • It enhances the parasympathetic nervous system and provides relief from headache and other nervous problems.
  5. Jojoba Oil:

  6. Removal of wax from the Jojoba plant is called Jojoba oil and there are many common and natural benefits.

    Jojoba oil’s some advantages:

    • The presence of mystic acids in this oil is useful for use on water skin. Its anti-inflammatory property acts as an excellent moisturizer for dry skin.
    • The skin looks like a sebum because it binds the wax ester for a long time it helps in keeping the body sebum.
    • Great antibacterial properties that use it to treat back acne, skin allergies and other back problems.

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  7. Sweet Almond Oil:

  8. It is considered one of the most popular body massaging oils. As the name suggests, it is extracted from almonds and is in light yellow color.

    Sweet Almond Oil’s advantages:

    • The rich presence of oleic and linoleic acid creates a great carrier oil during massage.
    • Helps relieve muscular pains.
    • Its oil texture allows the skin to move smoothly, despite its oiled and relatively thick texture, it is quickly absorbed. Unlike jojoba oil, the absorption rate is low, which means that you do not need to re-apply the oil during massage.
    • This is a great emollient which means that it softens the skin and embraces the skin by compensating for the body’s ability to absorb and lose moisture.
  9. Coconut Oil:

Although coconut oil is generally considered very thick and heavy, it can be turned into light, non-lubricating, liquid oil. The planned process is inflexible, which converts oil into a more desirable texture.

Unlike normal coconut oil, fractional coconut oil has medium-chain triglycerides, which helps reduce its thickness and density, making it light and comfortable.

Coconut Oil’s advantages:

  • Working as an excellent moisturizer in the form of fatty acid layer prevents moisture from avoiding skin. Good for skin, which is likely to dry and break.
  • Flexible and Lauric Acid acts as an excellent anti-microbial agent, protects your skin from harmful microbes.
  • Presence of Vitamin E allows your skin to stay rejuvenated and fresh.
  • Excellent in fighting against ageing as the presence of anti-oxidants allow the reduction of free radicals responsible for signs of ageing.
  • Useful in herbal and medical massage. Its ability to get absorbed easily makes it excellent as carrier oil that transfers all the herbal extracts added to it inside the body.